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Saturday, 28 September 2013

How to Extract Multiple Artboards into Single Files

After a summer of blogging and searching for my first job, I finally secured one in August! Hoorah! What's more, is that it actually involves multimedia and design which I could not be happier about. Unfortunately, at the end of July, I started experiencing some technical difficulties with my Blog. I was saving drafts of posts and then was unable to access them again. It was very frustrating and after many visits to Blogger's community help page, I received no answers to my problem.

After a month at my first job, I've encountered multiple instances where I've reached out to Google for help. I've actually found myself Googling the same thing twice in some circumstances just like the issue below. So; it made sense to document the solutions to my problems and hopefully assist others while doing so. This is what the following posts will deal with: everyday solutions I've discovered as a result of my work as a designer.