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Thursday, 6 June 2013

Meet, Ctrl-Z, Your New Best Friend!

Before I started my Graduate Diploma in Multimedia, I was not too comfortable, willing or interested in keyboard shortcuts. However, after being faced with the timely task of inputting reams of data into an SQL database, Ctrl-C (copy) and Ctrl-V (paste) became very useful. For similar tasks keyboard shortcuts really do cut down the time spent inputting data compared to the traditional right-click route.

So you're familiar with Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V, Ctrl-X (cut, also a handy one) but what about Ctrl-Z?
Ctrl-Z is the undo command, a must in any designers toolbox. But what's really special about Ctrl-Z is it's versatility. I only discovered it's true capability from implementing it in a variety of programs by force of habit. Just some of the programs you can use it in include:

Adobe Products (Adobe Photoshop's Ctrl-Z functionality is restricted to one undo)
Microsoft Office Products 
Notepad ++
Spotify's search

and many other applications!

Internet Explorer
Not only is the IE 10 browser becoming less and less popular with designers due to JavaScript malfunctions as well as other limitations, but it also does not support the Crtl-Z command. Another con in the browsers long list.

Other Handy Shortcuts

Ctrl-Y redo. One I have only found out from researching this post, so it will be interesting to see how fluent I get with it. 

Ctrl-S for saving is another great one I do automatically now without realising.

Why not add your favourites in the comments below?


So keyboard shortcuts are very useful once you have a use for it, and Ctrl-Z is a particularly good substitute for the back key considering it's ease, and cross-functionality across programs. 

Try Ctrl-Z today!

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