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Sunday, 8 December 2013

How to import text from Word to Adobe InDesign

You've finally completed that newsletter in Word. But oh no! It was supposed to be created with InDesign? Don't worry! Importing text from other programs to InDesign is much simpler than you think. Let's learn how.

1. Open InDesign and set up your document.

2. Create text boxes by clicking the type tool, and dragging.

Type tool
3. Link your text boxes together by clicking the blue box at the bottom right of your text box, and clicking into the text box you want to link it to.

4. Once you have linked your text boxes, you can import your text. Go to File, and Place... . Browse to your word file and select it.

And there you have it, text from your Word document imported into InDesign. Easy once you know how!

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