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Sunday, 26 January 2014

How to type on an arc and flip text in Illustrator

Yet another issue I had to look up twice. Recently I have been making posters in Illustrator which require text on an arc. This is very simple to do once you know how. 

1. Draw a circle with the Ellipse Tool from your Tools palette.

2. Select the Type on a Path Tool. This tool is located within the Type Tool. Press and hold the type tool to get the other tools in this range.

Click and hold the Type Tool to get other tools in this range

3. Click on the circle you have just drawn with the Ellipse Tool and start typing.

4. To flip the text from one side of the arc to the other, switch to the Selection Tool (black) and flip the tail to the other side of the arc.

What I'm calling the tail. Use the Selection Tool to move this tail and flip the text
Et voilĂ ! You have your text on an arc!

This method can also be used for any other path that you draw!

Typing on paths

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