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Sunday, 17 November 2013

How to add a page curl to your image

Part of my job is to make promotional images for the Library's homepage. This week I was asked to make an image to promote the Library's Annual Plan for 2014. I wanted this image to entice audiences to read the report and thought a page curl could do that. 

UCD Library's Hompage - 17/11/13
Library Annual Plan image with page curl

We're going to use Photoshop to create this effect.

1. Open your project in Photoshop.

2. Search for a page curl on Google Images and download one you like.
Note: Always check the copyright on any images you download.

3. Place the page curl file into your Photoshop project by selecting File, Place... 
This will be added as a new layer. Rename this layer "page curl".

Place page curl into your project

4. Once your page curl has been placed into your project, blend the page curl layer.

Blend modes
Do this by selecting the page curl layer and changing the blend mode (circled above). A Linear Burn blend mode works particularly well with this image.

And voilĂ ! Your image now has a page curl! Yay!

VoilĂ ! 
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