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Sunday, 3 November 2013

What I learnt in Word today after using it for over 8 years

I've been very lucky in my professional life of having the opportunity for further training; and I'm so grateful for this. There's nothing quite like leaving a room with knowledge you hadn't when you entered. This week I took part in a Microsoft Word course. At first I was sceptical that I would take anything away from the class but I was proved wrong. I actually learned a couple of tricks which should make my life a lot easier when working in Word. And yours too!

1. Show/Hide

The Show/Hide button shows hidden characters in your text and is located on the Home tab.

This may come in handy when formatting troubles arise. This function is also available in Adobe InDesign and is very helpful.

2. Section Breaks

Section breaks allow you to format parts of your document differently. For example, you could have most of your document in a portrait orientation and have a section at the end in landscape or have different headers and footers in different parts of the document. 

Section break for landscape orientation

On the Page Layout tab in Word go to the Breaks button and click the drop down

Adding a Section Break

Go to the Section Breaks part of the list and choose which sort of section break you want. I have selected for the section break to be on the next page. 

And voila! You have created your new section! 

Note: You can have multiple sections in your document and
If you edit your document, Word will remember which content belongs to which section. i.e. it will add or remove pages from the section, and not push it into the next. Delightful!

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