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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

How to stop hyphenation in InDesign

InDesign is a powerful tool. I truly believe I have only scratched the surface of understanding it's capabilities for digital publishing. However; there are some things in InDesign which perplex me. One of these is it's enthusiasm for hyphenation.

Personally, hyphenation is something I loathe and was taught that it impedes your ability to read sentences efficiently. Why InDesign chose hyphenation as a default I'll never know: but I do know how to stop it.

Here is how to turn off hyphenation in your InDesign documents:

You can see how the paragraph above is hyphenated

1. Select the paragraph you want to stop hyphenation in. Do this by selecting the type tool on the left, click on the paragraph and press CTRL A to select all.

Full paragraph selected

2. With the paragraph selected, head to your window tab and choose Type & Tables, Paragraph

Window, Type & Tables, Paragraph

3. At the bottom of the Paragraph palette, un- check "hyphenate".

Un- check hyphenate at the bottom of the Paragraph palette

4. And Hey Presto! You're paragraph is no longer hyphenation!

No more hyphens for you my friend!

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