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Wednesday, 13 May 2015

The back and forth of Graphic Design - LIBQUAL Case Study

Designing for clients is a process. Through communication and brainstorming, ideas evolve and grow. This was something I wasn't used to when I got my first job in UCD in August 2013. I had come straight from college and if I was happy with a concept and design then it was to be put forward and graded. It took time to get used to designing for others. 

I found that it was very difficult for my clients (people who I was working with) to even express what they wanted unless they had something in front of them to comment on. Things would usually progress quicker if I brought something to the table (literally the meeting table) first. 

The point of this post is to illustrate how much back and forth there is when developing ideas and how much work goes in. It is also to stress to younger designers that if your first idea isn't the one  they go for, it's PERFECTLY normal!

The project below is one I had saved all the development work from. The project was LIBQUAL; a standard survey that library clients participate in. The marketing project was also produced exclusively by the Library's Outreach team. These are pages I gave to my two senior colleagues who commented and made suggestions. 

My colleagues initially came up with the idea that they wanted an archery target with the tagline "aiming for excellence". I was left to run with this and this is what I put forward. 

This was given as inspiration of how to display extra information
These pages experimented with the background
Experimenting with typography

Experimenting with a new colour palette
Adding arrows into the design
Playing with space
Playing with space

Experimenting with a leaflet promoting the prizes people can win if they take the survey

Sorry you missed us sign based on final LibQual poster
See the finished products below:

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