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Sunday, 20 October 2013

How to add Pinterest pins to your site

If you're a creative and are not familiar with Pinterest, you may be missing out on a very helpful tool. Pinterest allows you to browse images and then "pin" them to "boards". Essentially, you can bookmark your favourite images and keep them in one place. This can be extremely useful when researching and finding inspiration for projects.


Recently I was browsing a designers website and found a great image. Immediately, I wanted to pin the image to a board for inspiration but there was no pin buttons! I then realised that my own website has nothing of this sort and rushed to find out how you create "pins". And to my delight, it's very easy to do!

1. Go to: http://business.pinterest.com/widget-builder/#do_pin_it_button

2. For standard pin buttons, stay on the Pin It button tab

 3. Select whether you want the pin counter above the button, beside the button, or not shown.

4. Copy and paste the URL from the web page that the image is into the URL field.

5. Insert the image URL
Do this by right clicking on the image, and selecting "Copy image URL" in Chrome or
Right clicking and selecting "Copy image location" in Firefox.

6. Click "Build It!"

7. Something like this should pop up.

Follow the instructions and copy and paste it into your code. Do this for each image you want to have a button for

And voilĂ ! Your site now has lovely Pin It buttons which will allow a user to pin the image to a board of their choosing and hopefully give your designs the exposure they deserve!

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